We brought home Märta to Lunån in early January 2017. She was then a little piglet. We had visited her mother and father several times, to see how big they were and to make sure that the parents were nice. We liked them, and so we took their offspring, Märta.

Just like Märta’s predecessor – Heidi – Märta was allowed to start living inside in the house. She was for a few months only “mini” and she easily hopped up the stairs to our bed when it was bed-time.  

Then she was allowed to live for a while in the dog basket. And when she got too big for the kitchen, she had to move down to the stable to the other animals. But we still think that she is quite “mini”.

In any case, she is adorably nice. Extremely gentle in temperament – kind and friendly.

When you see her strolling around among the apple trees, or hopping around in a gallop among the hens – it makes you happy. She looks as if she is having so much fun.

But she still comes into the house to say hello. She remembers that she once lived there. And she’s so welcome.