Come to Stora Lunån Farm Dairy and make cheese. You may join in the cheese-making, and learn how cheese is made. You learn both the practical aspects and even the mechanisms used in the cheese-making process, for instance, how bacteria is used, in order to make a safe product.

9.00: Meeting in the Dairy
We warm the milk and add the lactic acid bacteria. We then wait for that to activate and begin working. Then we add the rennet.

Morning Coffee

We cut the curd, and then start the stirring. When the correct pH and consistency are reached the cheeses are formed.


The cheeses are turned

15.00: Continued turnings are left to the dairymaid. The course participants may take home some home-made cheese with them.

Price: 1.950 SEK, inclusive VAT (Included in the price is coffee 50 SEK; food 100 SEK, and cheeses to a value of 250 SEK. Total: 400 SEK.

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