Bus groups are welcome to Stora Lunån Farm Dairy. But since that means a large number of visitors at the same time, it is necessary to book in advance. The best way to do this is to mail Maria, maria@storalunan.se, or phone on 070 523 53 25. This means we can look after you in the best way.

(Groups should consist of at least 15 persons.)

Visit the farm shop, purchase cheese

This is the shortest visit. You come – visit the farm shop – and leave. This takes about 35 minutes for a group of approx. 35 persons. All going smoothly. You can then buy cheese in the shop and stroll around a little and look at the animals. This visit is free, but must be booked.

The history, all about stora lunån

If you choose this alternative, you don’t need to look and guess. We will tell you the whole story; how the lieutenant-colonel became a milkman and how the news reporter from Swedish Radio became a cheese-maker. You will hear how really old our house is. And the awful story of the mother lynx and her litter of young lynxes carrying out deathly exercises in our sheep shed. The story of how the dairy came about.

Then it is possible to buy cheese and other goodies in the farm shop, and perhaps have time to take a little walk and say hello to the animals.

This tour takes about an hour and costs 100 SEK per person.

Coffee and cheesecake

Stora Lunån Farm Café is an oasis in the middle of the forest – between two lakes, beside the brook and the waterfall. Here we lay a table in the garden and serve coffee, tea or fruit syrup together with cheese cake, made here in the diary, with jam and whipped cream.

It is possible to buy things in the farm shop and wander around and stroke the animals. 90 SEK per person.

Both mind and body

A person is made up of not just the one, but both. If you choose this alternative you will enjoy a “fika”, while you will be treated to the whole story about how things came to pass. In other words, how two “desk workers” – Tage, lieutenant colonel and professional military man, then Head of the Dalarna Regiment Group in Falun – and Maria, journalist and news reporter with Swedish Radio Dalarna –decided to build a dairy and learn how to make cheese.

We have “fika” in the garden under a roof. And then all that remains is to explore the delicacies in the farm shop. This alternative costs 190 SEK per person.