Doris; Greta and Labolina

The cows are Swedish mountain cows. They are an endangered breed. A mountain cow produces about 11 litres of milk per day. An average cow produces up to 45 litres every day. There is a big difference.

In order to get such milk volume from a high-milking cow, she must be fed large quantities of fodder. She does not have time to eat grass or hay. An enormous amount of fodder must be eaten. Therefore this breed of cow eats a lot of food concentrates.

Our mountain cows get very little food concentrates. Then they have free access to grass in the summer and hay in the winter.

The result of this is that the milk from our cows contains more Omega-3 fatty acids. The high-milking cows produce more Omega-6. And Omega-3 is more beneficial.

We must add that we no longer milk our cows. They are still here, but we buy milk from the neighbouring farmer. It was tiresome to be cheese-making every other day, or every third day, with perhaps only 75 litres of milk. (Like baking buns with 1/3-part batch, and at the same time messing up the whole kitchen and having to heat up the oven.)

But of course we had finer milk before. That is definite.