One ordinary – one extraordinary

For many years we have a black and white farm cat. It moved into the kitchen in the café one summer, and in spite of enquiries it did not appear to belong to anyone. When the weather got cold we tried to let it move in with us. But the cat that lived with us said decidedly no. So now the black and white cat lives down in the stall with the other animals. In summer it loves when all the children come and stroke it. The cat never leaves the yard.

Up in the house with the family lives a proper pedigree cat. It is a Maine Coon. A big light grey cat. The breed is considered pleasant and friendly. But our cat is anything but. It is not very pleasant at all. But he understands how to exploit the household. He sees to it that he gets the food he wants, and allows himself to be patted, as long as he feels it is ok.

The two cats are the opposite of each other.